After three fabulous digital single-releases in advance, here comes the eagerly awaited third album THREE APPLES IN THE ORANGE GROVE.

It goes without saying that for SOUNDFLAT RECORDS once again there was absolutely no question about releasing the band’s new milestone (LP, CD and digital release).

The record’s very first song “Outta My Way” is pretty similar to what you might expect from your favourite German beat-quartet – a smashing hit-title, that is extremely catchy with powerful guitars and a spot-on beat. Yet, it becomes clear very soon, that this album differs quite a bit from its predecessors. The songs invite to dive into a psychedelic, dreamy and very refined musical symphony. Paisley-pop-tunes like “Herman”, “Right As Rain” and “Maybe All You Need Is Time” mix with beautiful ballads like “In Course Of Time” or “Win Hands Down”, the Britpop-hymn “Better Days” and wilder, rockin’ tunes like “End Of The Day” and “Mauerpark”.

With beautiful vocal harmonies and lots of reverb as well as an expansive array of swirling guitars, their sound comes across almost dreamlike.


Jerry Coma

Vocals / Guitar

Jay Le Saux

Guitar / Vocals

Henry Florence Jr.

Bass / Vocals

Winston McCloud



  • (2013) Monkey See, Monkey Do

    Garage beat and power pop influences can be seen in catchy songwriting, enchanting polyphonic harmonies and charming, yet powerful guitars. The album, exclusively original compositions, includes crashing garage songs as well as wonderful beat ballads.

  • (2016) With A Carrot And A Stick

    They've done it again: 'With A Carrot And A Stick' consists of thirteen excellent original compositions, the opener 'Shop Window Dummy' leads the way, followed by one danceable 'Little Barney'. The punch of 'Pie In The Sky' or the melodic ingenuity of 'Achilles Heel' are just as convincing as the dreamy 'Please Don t Let Me Know'.

  • (2021) Three Apples In The Orange Grove

    It's about time for a new Mergers record. Listen up, it's definitely blowing some dust off!